The term “Reinforcement Learning” has been gaining popularity in recent years. As one of the branches of machine learning, it is understandable that it also enjoys the attention given to machine learning as a whole. But what exactly is reinforcement learning? And where does it shine compared to other machine learning solutions? In this article, we will examine reinforcement learning from the perspective of real-world problems and introduce an example application in the Games and Entertainment industry.

Modeling real-world problems

When we consider actual tasks performed by humans in the real world, we can define some descriptors. In any task, there will always…

“It’s time to ditch that unexplainable information extraction” — Some Anonymous Cinnamon AI Researchers said.

What is this about?

As part of Cinnamon’s mission, we study Expertise Distillation to extend human potential: AI systems that are smart enough to augment even the experts with distilled expertise. Systems that can perform specialized expert-level tasks.

There are many ways to augment an expert’s capacity: Enhancing speed, removing repetitive processes, etc. In this article, we are talking about a trustable information extraction system that can be used for even experts who seek empowerment. …

“Squad” is a Cinnamon signature: Our employees may form small workgroups — or, “Squads” — to tackle problems at their discretion. “Squad” is Cinners’ innovative approach to work organization, demonstrating that innovation permeates everything we do at Cinnamon AI.

In the earlier periods of our growth, Cinnamon AI struggled to scale our productivity to match the rapid expansion of our business. Our AI Research team consisted of 150 members, who were located in different geographical areas (Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan) and time zones. Our increasingly cumbersome human resources system prevented optimal resource allocation and consistent intelligence across projects. …

Hiroto Takahira:Director Head of Solution Development

1.What is your name and position?
Hiroto Takahira, Director Head of Solution Development group at Cinnamon.
Solution Development Group consists of Solution Development department, Software Engineering department and Data Operation development with more than 60 members.

2.Please tell us briefly about your career when you joined the company until you became an executive officer.
I worked more than 10 years in a large system engineering company in Japan. IT industry is a growing industry and I want to join the project and make a big impact for society.
I started my career as a software developer for enterprise system. After…

Cin-SOTA was born to visualize the capability of the current and new AI techniques on a leaderboard, a friendly and interactive webpage interface, from which engages not only 80 AI members but also the rest of the company who want to share the same view with technical engineers. Cin-SOTA connects the AI framework with a library of standardized data. It lessens AI effort in starting building models from scratch and prepares appropriate data themselves.

The inner-innovation from members are gathered, embraced, and leveraged through an internal competition. Cin-SOTA hosts a playground, prepares the challenges with a direct objective to solve…

Innovation is the blood vessel of any technology company. It’s not too much to say that every technology company is an incubator for hundreds of blooming ideas in the future as well as potential start-up unicorns. In Cinnamon, we encourage every member to deep dive into their unknown ability according to their want-to, to extend their possibility and knowledge out of the scope of work. That is the origin of the “Give me 10%” program: the encouragement from the company and their intrinsic motivation to work on their dream.

Cinnamon’s member can brainstorm to come up with ideas that they…

After Document Object Detection Steps, we would expect to already have text lines location and their content. The goal of the system is to provide an information extraction process for any type of administrative documents: contract, medical receipt, biological graph, etc. This article is here to explain how to do it.

Let us assume the case of reading invoice/receipt. For this, we would need a model that is able to find text lines that belong to 5 predefined categories

The next thing is to create a model that is able to classify these text lines into 5 predefined categories:

  • Company

Cinners the Conquerors

Do you know that exercises do not only help us stronger physically but also get smarter? And we should all admit that health is far more precious than wealth. In Cinnamon, we truly understand the meaning of health to members, sitting continuously for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is not a thing we suggest to do. We know the importance of a balanced lifestyle between work and work-out. To us, happy members are the first priority and they are the foundation of a sustainable business.

Previously, we had already observed the harm of “office work” on our…

1. Overview

Let’s start with an observation: administrative documents are playing an important role as a tool for transferring, storing, and searching for data.
Indeed, these administrative documents are generated when doctors write medical receipts for patients, clerks give invoices to customers, and also used as an intermediate measure before stored in a digital database.
A wide range of professionals will usually need some kind of Information Extraction (IE) from these administrative documents: doctors, customers, financial clerks, researchers, sales, etc. …

So far in 2020, we have submitted 5 papers to SIGGRAPH and ICPR and got accepted. This is a big step for the research team of Cinnamon AI in the area of Flax (Cinnamon’s OCR product) and Computer Vision. Below is the summarization of Cinnamon’s articles in ICPR and SIGGRAPH 2020.

1. Correspondence Neural Network for Line Art Colorization

Conference: SIGGRAPH 2020

Authors: Trung Dang (Tyler), Thien Do (Hades), Anh Nguyen (Cat), Van Pham (Kan), Quoc Nguyen (Akari), Bach Hoang (Gale), Giao Nguyen (Enzo)

We propose to colorize a sketch by matching its components with the reference. Each component is transformed into a hidden representation by a neural…

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